7 tips on effective football betting the bookmakers don’t want you to know (Part 1)

Effective football betting is a popular query on Google that shows the concern many people have with this matter. When betting football, we not only want to have fun but also expect to make money from it.

But how to do that? Effective betting involves more than just knowing how to watch a football match and then placing a bet. Right below we will reveal to you 7 tips on effective football betting that if applicable you will win more bets.

Learn thoroughly everything

The team you intend to bet on has won the last 6 consecutive matches. That information is indeed very impressive. But not only that, but you also have to know how effective their attack and defense are. Are they good at holding the ball or are they lucky? Even the inner turmoil within the team.

That could be the fringe things. But these details will be useful for your wagering and will help you to determine the “good bet” more effectively.

When betting football, we not only want to have fun but also expect to make money from it

This may seem obvious, but sometimes we are blinded by the rate of food that the dealer offers. Let’s see a good example of tennis. It was the match, Rafael Nadal, against Fabio Fognini at Barcelona Open last April. The bet365 bookmaker ranked Nadal as the heavyweight upper door, with a ratio of 1/10 (1.10 to decimal). That means placing 10 to 1, bet 100 $, then profit is 10 $. On this pitch that seems plausible. Nadal is the king of clay and has a record of 8 championships.

But the house has missed one thing. Fognini defeated Nadal also on clay just a few months ago in Rio De Janeiro. Considering this, along with the fact that Fognini is so good at taking out the top seeds, his 8/1 (= 9.0 decimal) ratio naturally becomes very attractive.