Football betting during COVID-19: even a friendly match was settled

It was a friendly match scheduled for Monday night between Eskilstuna FC (7th place) and Nashulta GoIF (8th class) of Sweden. Please note, there is another team in Sweden 2019 AFC Eskilstuna, who dropped last season at the bottom of the table.

Due to the serious situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the bookmakers unexpectedly placed the friendly match Esikstuna FC – Nashulta GoIF on the betting list. This has caused a fever in the football fan community that loves football betting, in the past there were too few options.

From the past 2 weeks, the ball has only rolled in the league in the “low-lying” form of world football such as Belarus, Nicaragua and Haiti (recently postponed). The completely unknown clubs on the world football map, now suddenly named by the majority of fans thanks to the fact that the ball stopped rolling almost globally by the Covid-19 translation.

It happened hours before the ball rolled, when thousands of global NHMs made calls and texts to BHL players and members of the two teams. Mr. Bengin Ozeran, president of Eskilstuna FC revealed that in less than an hour, the club’s social network account was commented by a large number of users with relatively similar content: “Good luck” or “Hope you guys will lose.”

But that’s not the only annoyance, some anonymous players of these two clubs do not understand how to reveal their personal phone numbers. There have been a few players who received calls with offers to do so, but the phone numbers were from very far-away countries like Sweden, Mozambique, Ghana.

It was clearly unusual for amateur players to play in the league. 7, 8th grade. Even some coaches in the same class were strangely called by the fans to “ask” about the play, the style and the health of some key players to see if they can play or not.

Another team in the city of Eskilstuna, AC Primavera (6th place) even got cursed by some supporters (perhaps because of losing!).

After a series of incidents, many low-level clubs in Sweden contacted the Swedish Football Federation to receive a green light to allow the delay of friendly matches not so important. The Swedish Football Federation agrees because it is difficult to foresee the consequences and the negative when the fans can contact members of the teams.