Things you should know before betting on football online nowadays

When playing online football betting, it is essential to have a good understanding of the rules along with some things to keep in mind. Therefore, do not ignore the article about the rules of online football betting and some important issues to note that the good odds share below.

Online football betting rules

With online betting, players will not need to worry about housebreaking or losing money if they choose a reputable dealer. At the same time, there is no need to worry about becoming prey to blatant profit-seeking storks.

With online football betting, there will be its own betting rules that players need to know. These rules are designed for the purpose of ensuring the interests of the participants. Here are some online football betting rules that players need to be aware of.

1st half betting will only apply in the 1st half. If the match is abandoned during the 1st half then all bets will be void. In the event of a match being abandoned in the 2nd half then all bets on the 1st half will be graded as usual.

If a match is abandoned and not resumed within 12 hours then the match will be considered void. The Operator will decide whether to pay all bets on a canceled or postponed match.

Currently, most bookmakers provide their players with information on matches. However, this information is for reference only and is subject to change, so it is necessary for you to update the information regularly and selectively.

With respect to the football online betting rules, all bookmakers allow players to place bets up to the 90th minute of the match. It is up to the dealer that will allow players to bet on overtime and all the match time.

When the dealer bets live, all bets will be automatically rejected exactly at the time the referee blew the whistle.

Top prestigious bookmaker in the world that offer football betting (Part 2)

12BET – A world famous football betting site

Following the list of reliable football betting sites in the world is 12Bet. A dealer is actively rated by the player. Not only owns a friendly interface, easy to use this house, but also often invest and upgrade their services. Players are very satisfied with the style of support and customer care from the house staff.

Besides, there are diverse and abundant services and products. Special betting football at 12Bet. Players can be assured of the fairness and transparency of the results.

The 12Bet dealer is under the discretion of the operating licensee. Therefore, any wrongdoing will be dealt with strictly.

During many years of service for players, 12Bet has not once disappointed customers. Football betting here, players are experienced with many different types of betting contracts, payoffs are also attractive. If you are a regular player, the promotions of 12Bet is definitely a factor worth considering.


Football betting players highly appreciate the service from the Bet365 house. This is one of the quality, reputable and safe online betting sites. All personal information provided by customers is absolutely confidential by the house.

The process of using the service at Bet365, players are cared for with more than 1,000 employees who have been properly trained. Having professional, professional services ready to serve customers at any time.

The strength of Bet365 is the football betting. Here players easily find all football matches of many different leagues. This is a big name house, based in England. Bet365 operating year, strictly complying with all regulations on online betting. As soon as you have an account, make a quick deposit because this is where you get quite a lot of attractive deals.

Dealer Fun88

In the list of prestigious football betting sites in The world, we mentioned Fun88. In fact, this house is not only operating in the Asian market but also a big house, which is known worldwide.